Treatment for Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy

Dr. Michael Johnson has spent 31 years in Appleton, Wisconsin providing diabetic neuropathy treatments to patients who have been told by medical doctors there is no cure for their disability.  He has and continues to fight legal battles with organizations that do not like many of the things he teaches or the way he practices diabetic neuropathy treatment.

I posted this video not because I endorse or recommend any of his proposed treatments, but because when I began looking for help I wanted to at least hear what holistic “out of the box” thinking doctors like Dr. Johnson had to say, and then do my own research.  I learned a lot about what is neuropathy treatment from Dr. Johnson.

What is the Treatment of Neuropathy?

Current therapeutic possibilities for diabetic peripheral neuropathy treatments can be divided into two groups: pathogenetically oriented and symptomatic treatments.

Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy Treatment CostSymptomatic therapy is basically relieving the pain by hiding the symptoms with powerful and often expensive drugs that block the pain in the brain. Use of these drugs is normally long term.

Pathogenetically oriented and holistic therapies focus on the cause(s) of the pain and look for solutions to stop the pain by healing the cause.

In recent years more clinical research has been done on holistic treatment of diabetic peripheral neuropathy. The most important component of etiology-based treatment is the stabilization of glycemic control.  Diet was and still is vital in consistently keeping my blood sugar normal or near normal.

“Based on efficacy and safety data benfotiamine and alpha-lipoic acid should be considered as first choices among pathogenetically oriented treatments of diabetic neuropathy,” according to a report  from First Department of Medicine, University of Szeged, Szeged, Hungary. (1)  Some doctors are now recommending a combination of symptomatic and holistic treatment.  This combination therapy was where I personally chose to begin my treatment.  Diabetic peripheral neuropathy treatment was soon going to give me my life back.  I believed that 100% and I was correct.

My personal doctor managed my symptomatic treatment.  My holistic treatment was self directed based on hundreds of hours of research.  I was aided in my research by information I received from from many sources including the Neuropathy Treatment Group and The Neuropathy Solution.

In this article (and the linked sub articles) I will look at the holistic treatments I discovered.  I am not a doctor nor a nutritionist.  Nothing I write should be considered medical advice.  My writing is about my personal journey to stop the pain from diabetic peripheral neuropathy.

Best Diet for Neuropathy

One of the most important components of any diabetic peripheral neuropathy treatment is the stabilization of glycemic control.  Blood sugar control is one of the most important diabetes neuropathy treatments.  The best diet must be effective in controlling sugar levels.

Weight loss is also usually required if the patient is overweight . . . especially for any kind of diabetic foot neuropathy treatment.

My goal was nerve regeneration and the first thing I focused on was diet. There are many diets that have proven effective in achieving glucose control, weight loss and helping the nervous system.  I chose one diet for myself that provided me with excellent results including dramatic weight loss and excellent glycemic control.  It was also a diet I believed I could and have maintained long term.

I talk about this diet in detail in Best Diet for Neuropathy.

Best Exercise for Peripheral Neuropathy

Exercise can also be a good diabetes peripheral neuropathy treatment. Even if you are disabled you can do something to move your feet and toes for a few minutes each day. I first began by moving my feet and legs for five minutes, several times a day.  I was amazed at how quickly I was able to do more and more without standing up.

Once I was back on my feet (greatly assisted by dramatic weight loss from diet) I began walking with assistance.  I started off slow, walking perhaps 25 yards a day with a walker, but quickly escalated to 50 yards and then to several hundred yards a day.  After four months of combined therapies I was walking for 30 minutes daily seven days a week with only limited assistance.

Often after walking, I would endure fairly severe foot discomfort, but I controlled it with over the counter medication . . . in addition to my symptomatically prescribed pain medications. By now I was taking less than half the prescription medications I was four months earlier.

I discuss exercise in detail in Best Exercise for Peripheral Neuropathy.

Best Vitamins and Supplements to Reverse Neuropathy

The best vitamin supplement for diabetes and peripheral neuropathy treatment is the one or ones that work for you. I discovered the vitamins and supplements  that worked better for me than any other nerve regeneration treatments. Diabetic peripheral neuropathy is reversable.

I discovered there were different formulas for different vitamins.  I believe it is important to know the difference and why one is favored over another.

I go into great detail about vitamins and supplements in Best Vitamins and Supplements to Reverse Neuropathy.