Best Exercise for Peripheral Neuropathy


Exercise – Get Started

Dr. Prax is a specialist in functional neurology.  He has been working on reversing neuropathy since 2010. He says exercise is vital to reversing diabetic peripheral neuropathy. Even if you are disabled you can do something to move your feet for a few minutes each day. I first began by moving my feet for five minutes several times a day.  I was amazed at how quickly I was able to do more and more even without standing up.

Walking Again

Once I was back on my feet with best-diet I began walking.  I started off slow, walking perhaps 50 yards a day with a walker, but quickly escalated to 100 yards and then to 1/4 mile a day.  After two months I was walking one mile a day in under 30 minutes.  Often after walking, I would endure some fairly severe discomfort, but I controlled it with over the counter medication . . . in addition to my prescribed pain medications, which I was now taking only once daily instead of twice.


Sometimes while out walking I would say to myself “Look how great life would be right now if not for neuropathy.”  My overall health had improved dramatically, but I still was determined to stop the pain of diabetic peripheral neuropathy.  I had come so far in only a few months and I wasn’t stopping until I found the neuropathy solution.

Growing Younger

Based on Dr. Prax endorsement of the book “Younger Next Year” I ordered it from Amazon.com.  Exercise was covered in depth in the book which was co-authored by two incredible men. However, “Younger Next Year”  offered so much more than exercise tips.

About the Authors

Chris Crowley is a former litigator.  He is now in his eighties. He fully lives life, snow skiing black diamonds and routinely doing fifty-mile bike rides. He and his wife live in Connecticut and New York City.

Henry S. Lodge, MD, FACP, headed a 20-doctor practice in Manhattan and was the Robert Burch Family Professor of Medicine at Columbia University Medical Center.

My Personal Endorsement

After reading “Younger Next Year” I had a feeling I had just been handed a gift . . . abundant life.  All I had to do was apply what I had learned.

If you only purchase one book from the books I occasionally describe on this site, this is the book to get. The hand that lays “Younger Next Year” down after reading the last page, is a hand that belongs to a person whose life will never be the same.



I am passionate about Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy. After suffering with DPN for many years I finally discovered there are solutions to relieve the pain and even reverse the disease. I am an American expat living with my family in Quezon City, Philippines.

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