Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy

Rx ImageAbout Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy

The more you learn about diabetic peripheral neuropathy the easier it becomes to control the pain associated with it.

In my journey I learned early on that the mainstream medical community was not very helpful in teaching me what I needed to know about my condition. They asked questions and wrote prescriptions.  My treatment was almost entirely based on treating pain with prescription medications.  Read More

diabetic peripheral neuropathy symptomsDiabetic Peripheral Neuropathy Symptoms

Learning about diabetes peripheral neuropathy symptoms is the first step in the road to recovery. It is like back engineering almost any problem. Identify the manifestation of the problem(s). Then look for the cause(s).

The general medical community tends to treat the symptoms, but a holistic approach is to understand the cause and try to eliminate it at the core. This is where I discovered neurological chiropractors appear to have an advantage over most, but not all, traditional physicians.  Read More


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